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Your customers will be impressed when you show up with your new credit card reader. Add a link to your secure payment page when you leave an invoice and can’t swipe the card. You can even send electronic invoices that get paid online too. Now you’re in control of when you get paid!  We built a FREE CALCULATOR to help you see the bottom line cost. Use it to compare our plans. Use it to compare our competitors. Its so powerful it practically picks the right plan for you!



This is what’s going to happen when you start taking credit cards at the job…

  • As you swipe the card your client will likely say, “It’s amazing what you can do with your phone these days.”
  • When you hand them the phone to sign their name they’ll say, “This is so cool.”
  • You’ll drive home in a great mood because you’ve taken control of how you get paid!

This is whats going to happen when you implement electronic payments into your invoices…

  • When you can’t swipe a credit card on the job you’ll leave an invoice. The invoice will have a link they can use to make their payment online.
  • Instead of mailing invoices you’ll send them electronically.
  • You are a happy camper bacause you’ve virtually eliminated cashflow issues by eliminating the payment delays typically associated with invoicing clients.



FREE Report Reveals…

  • True cost to process $1,000 with 17 different processors
  • How to eliminate additional fees & services you don’t need
  • How to use the cost comparison calculator to compare plans

Cost Comparison Calculator


  • Transparency

    No more guessing what it might cost. How do you know if paying monthly is better or worse than paying as you go? Compare plans so you can make a smart choice.


  • Peace Of Mind

    When concerns about “what it will cost” are removed you can focus on other things that need to be considered when selecting a processor.

  • Protection

    We have a vested interest in your success. That’s why we work closely to help protect you from charge-backs by showing you how to set proper terms and conditions.

We Offer Simple Plans To Fit Your Budget…

Use The Free Cost Comparison Calculator To See Which One Makes Sense For You


No Monthly Fee Plan

This plan is best if you process $0-$999 per month. This would be our alternative to the Square. There’s no monthly service charge and the rate is very high but if you’re just starting out and don’t think you’ll do very much processing this would be the solution you should go with. Unlike Square you’ll have phone support however, expect long wait times. Includes a free app and credit card reader that you can use on your Android or iPhone.

$0.00 per month

Free app + card reader

Next day funding

     2.69% per swipe

     3.49% + $0.15 keyed



Simple Flat Rate Plan

This is our MOST POPULAR plan. The great thing about this plan is that there’s no additional monthly fees found with a typical merchant account. You pay one simple flat rate when you swipe a card & one simple flat rate when you manually enter a payment. You get 24/7 phone support, a dedicated account executive assigned to your account. Includes a free app and credit card reader that you can use on your Android or iPhone.

If you don’t want your guys to run credit cards on their phone not a problem. We can provide an HTC phone and card reader. The device includes the data plan but all other functions are locked. Outfit your entire fleet or keep one in the office to share.

$10 per month

Free app + card reader

Next day funding

     1.99% + $0.15 per swipe

     2.99% + $0.15 keyed

The monthly fixed fee is $10 per month or $19.95 if a phone is required.
$25 activation applies



Lowest Rate Plan

This plan is for the contractor seeking the LOWEST RATES. Its a bit more complex as the rates are determined by the type of card collected. For example, a bank card, rewards card and manually keyed entered cards have different rates as listed below. The rates are significantly lower but the monthly service charge is a higher due to network and compliance costs associated with a more conventional merchant account. We recommend this plan for anyone processing at least $3,500 per month. Includes a free app and credit card reader that you can use on your Android or iPhone

$19.95 per month

Free app + card reader

Next day funding

1.25% + $0.19 per swipe Debit & Credit Cards
1.99% +$0.19 per swipe Rewards Cards
2.25% + $0.19 per transaction per invoice paid online.

The monthly fixed fee includes compliance and network charges.
$25 activation applies

Optional Service:

Electronic invoicing $5/mo


Thousands of Contractors
Use NoblePay Everyday

They all improved their business by taking control of how they get paid & put more money in their pockets after using the FREE merchant account cost comparison calculator

Electronic invoices, phone orders, payment plans & website sales…

Credit card readers are cool, but so is sending an electronic invoice and having the client pay online. When you can’t swipe a card your clients will be able to pay online. Our secure vault feature lets you safely store the customers card info for future charges. If you prefer to manage your payments from within Quickbooks we can do that too! We have lots of affordable solutions to make your life easier & help you get paid faster.

Use this FREE CALCULATOR to compare the plans we feature.


We Love Helping Contractors…

christopherMy name is Christopher Swift and since 1995; I’ve personally helped thousands of small business owners save money on their credit card processing fees. Even though I work in banking I think you’ll be surprised to learn that we have a lot in common as my father is a general contractor here in Boston.

Believe it or not I actually know and understand your business type as I’ve banged my share of nails and squeezed my way into plenty of crawl spaces working for my dad well before getting into the world of credit card processing.

I can tell you first hand that most credit card processors are only concerned with 3 things…

  • 1

    Convincing you they have the best deal

  • 2

    Locking you into a contract with hidden fees

  • 3

    Making sure you never call them to complain

Sadly, when I first started that’s what I did. My mentors taught me to close the deal and not worry about the consequences.

After 15 years helping businesses setup merchant accounts I made those same mistakes just like my competitors. But I always felt guilty pushing people into a contract that wasn’t in their best interest.

The fact is that most salesmen hide:
Your True cost to process transactions
The Real Bank rates you will be charged
Hidden Fees buried in your agreement
Bait and Switch Schemes to lock you down

That’s why I created by Noblepay Inc., I wanted to help business owners learn what to look for, and help them avoid paying through the nose over time. I wanted them to know that they can get a merchant account and talk to an industry insider that has no hidden agenda beyond getting them a fair deal. I wanted to build a business with integrity and serve my clients best interest.

I knew that so many tradesmen like my dad needed a way to collect payments. They needed a simple way to collect a deposit and send invoices and now they need a way to take payment using a smart phone at the job site!

The problem was there really wasn’t a person who understood them!

I can proudly say that I serve close to 2,000 contractors!

I’ve worked very hard to bring you the payment solutions you need to succeed in your business.

  • 1

    Get On The Phone With Me

    You deserve to know exactly what it costs to take credit cards so you can do a proper evaluation.

  • 2

    Ask Your Tough Questions

    Price is only one thing to consider as it relates to taking credit cards. We want you to feel good about doing business with us. Call anytime to ask questions.

  • 3

    Get Straight Answers

    I am compelled by transparency to give my clients what they really want and need as it relates to taking credit cards. A clean and accurate accounting of what it really costs Our transparency means you don’t have to worry about being lured in by a low price that turns out to be not so low once you see your invoice.

Yours for transparency,

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